Centrally located in Fosnavåg, the Fosnavåg Ocean Academy is a unique arena where the leading competence from various maritime industries of the cluster meets and develops further.

Owners of FOSAC are (as per March 2019): Sølvtrans, Remøy Shipping, Olympic Subsea, Havila Shipping and STQ.

The owners have a strong desire to maintain the region’s strong position in the leading maritime cluster for the industry.

In September 2014 the new facilities were completed, and the simulator centre was officially opened.

The facilities are well prepared for training individuals and team performance, procedures and development. Concept and product deveopment, sales and marketing activities benefit from virtual reality demonstrations where users are immersed into the artificial working environment.

FOSACs vision is to be the most innovative and leading simulator centre of ocean space activities. Our mission is to offer state of the art services for Safer, Smarter and Greener operations.

Fosnavåg Ocean Academy AS was founded in 2011: Plans for a joint centre for innovation and collaboration was established by the founders Rem Offshore, Olympic Shipping, Havila Shipping, Bourbon Offshore Norway and Remøy Shipping as the offshore shipping companies identified the increasing need for highly competent personnel.

If you would like to read more about our facilities, please visit the Facilities site, or click here.